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Overlayed event is muted while recording. In Vegas Pro, you can hear it.

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asked Dec 8, 2020 in Recording by davelehnen (280 points)
Simple scenario: I record a single guitar track. No other music tracked yet. I screwed up and want to punch in. I go back a few seconds, hit record, and I don't hear the original track. I need to hear the reference to know when to come in and on what notes.

After reading through forums and searching all over, this doesn't seem to be possible.


1. Prerolls. Too static. What if i need to go back further into the song and get more context? I have to go into the settings to set up the preroll bar count.

2. Auto Punch takes setting up a loop range.

3. An extra track extra needless track. Plus then you need to move the event back up or down to the original track, which by the way there is no shortcut for this, you have to click and drag the event or create a macro. Maybe another feature request?

Options #1 and #2 take away the ability to use any of that "play along" performance prior to the predetermined punch in spot. because it's not recorded.

I'm saying all of this because it's completely natural in Vegas Pro. It worked flawlessly. You hit record anywhere and hear what you did before, record along, and use any part of that. All on one track. It's super fast. All of the workarounds above are tedious.

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answered Dec 23, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (194,920 points)
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