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Where is Preferences to change default settings of Audio Track - monitor button

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asked Nov 17, 2018 in Studio One 4 by jacquessteyn1 (1,510 points)
I received a response (my original question copied below) to change defaults in Preferences. Where does SO hide global preferences? Doing a search in Help, there is no reference in the 2 pages returned. Standard "de facto" practice for software applications is to have global preferences under the top drop-down menu items of Files | Edit | Tools. In SO there are a few preferences under the top menu item Studio One --> Options --> Advanced.

So where do I change the default setting in Audio file tracks? I particularly want to disable the blue monitor button as deafult setting.


Original Q:

Is there a place to change the default of ON of the blue monitor button? This is for audio - it does not happen in MIDI tracks. It keeps on reverting to OFF, so there is an unnecessary user step to switch it ON every time one wants to listen. My work method is to listen to different takes in different tracks, and I want to quickly switch between them. But with its default as OFF, I need to first find the button, click it, and continue - very annoying.

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answered Nov 17, 2018 by ryanm1 (8,370 points)
Click "studio one" in the menu. Then options - advanced - console. Uncheck "audio track monitoring follows record".

Also there's a wrench icon above the tracks, beside the tempo track icon, etc. "Audio input follows selection" might be what you want.

Also, if you're trying to listen to different takes, it's probably easier to record takes to layers, then use the arrow keys to switch between them.
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answered Nov 18, 2018 by jacquessteyn1 (1,510 points)

Thanks ryanm1

"audio track monitoring follows record" did it.

I saw these words when I tried to find a solution, but these words are misleading in SO. It is really an unclear instruction. I read this that "monitoring follows when you record". The language should be much clearer. This would make the meaning much clearer:  "audio track monitoring follows recorded audio at playback"

I wanted to switch off monitoring by default to listen to recordings.