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ATOM LEDs Off - Feature Request

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asked Nov 26, 2018 in Atom Pad Controllers by rguitar78 (520 points)

An all LEDs off feature is needed. As for the three brightness options that are currently there, I could also see a 4th level being useful too, but not nearly as important as being able to turn these lights off when not in use. 

I have a classic FaderPort and the lights stay off until I boot up Studio One - they also turn back off once I close the DAW. Not sure why they moved away from that mindset.

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answered Nov 26, 2018 by Skip Jones (160,600 points)
selected Jun 5 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the thumbs up.

In disagreement click on the thumbs down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other. 

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answered Dec 5, 2018 by lestervandewalle2 (1,950 points)
Yeah definitely, and even the lowest setting  is way too bright in my opinion.
commented Dec 6, 2018 by Bbd (6,720 points)
Agreed. This is a good request. Thanks.
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answered Dec 11, 2018 by mattbertolino (270 points)
YES! Please PreSonus give us a way to essentially "turn it off" when not in use. At least the LEDs if some other button combo can't be created (like holding down black SETUP button for more than 2 sec). We need some sort of "standby" mode...maybe even an update that turns all the LEDs off after 10 min of being idle. We need some solution for this.
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answered Jan 4 by ronaldvonk (200 points)
Yeah, like the faderport. it shuts off nicely when Studio One is not active.
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answered Jan 5 by lestervandewalle2 (1,950 points)
It would also be nice if that would be possible to save the brightness setting somehow because now I seem to have to reset it each time I restart my PC.  
Or does anyone know if this already possible?
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answered Jan 8 by Wazatron (510 points)
Man I came to the forum to find out HOW to turn them off - I didn't expect to find that it's completely impossible. Man this is a big miss. I'm re-considering the Atom now. I don't want my entire room glowing blue at all times when things are shut off....
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answered Jan 9 by jebbyslonar (170 points)
edited Jan 31 by jebbyslonar

What are you talking about!  The bright lights are great...I love bright lights in my eyes especially at night in a pitch black room!

haha lol.  Who would down vote this feature request.  It should happen by tonight.  I mean, literally can't happen soon enough.  Can we just make it happen or what?

but seriously though you can easily turn the pad lights off (except that one that stays on) by just pushing the setup button. afraid the problems with the Atom go somewhat deeper than this.

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answered Apr 17 by ien (550 points)
It saddens me that this isn't a thing yet. Even the dimmest setting is too bright It's garish.
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answered May 8 by simonriverin (160 points)
Since Presonus is abble to do it with the old faderport wish turns off when quitting studio one, it should be the same with the ATOM :)
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answered Jun 13 by brandonguergo (650 points)
Yep, came here to post this!