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Red Light instead of Blue Light on Studio 26c plus "No Audio Output Device is enabled" on Windows 10.

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asked Jan 2, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by willstauff (120 points)

So not sure what happened. My audio is not connected to my Studio 26c. I figured it might be Universal Control. Downloaded the latest version. Updated the latest version of Studio One. Red light is on my presonus. Unplugged the USB cord. Replugged it in. Restarted. Moved a couple of USB cords around on the tower. Still showing red and still the audio is out. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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answered Jun 20 by ScottOliver19 (120 points)
Brand new Studio 1810c has constant red light. New iMac is not recognizing the interface properly hooked up.
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answered Sep 2 by ronfox (150 points)
Where is the answer to this?  My PreSonus Studio 26 c stopped working and the red light came on "out of the blue"! Universal controller doesn't recognize it now.  I am not sure if this happened when I activated some Studio One 5 plugins. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Universal Control several times as well as rebooting with no luck. Can anyone help me with this?  Thank you in advance.