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Add forward and rewind Keyboard Shortcuts by quantize value or nudge value, or by various musical values. Ex. 1/16

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asked Dec 29, 2018 in Editing by joilsonborges2 (220 points)
I'm a new user os Studio One

I'm missing forward and rewind by specific musical values like is possible in Logic,

For my workflow it's a essential feature.

I like to edit faster just by keyboard shortcuts, and combining forward or rewind by musical values with split at cursor and nudge is the best workflow for edit musical information with precision and I think it better for my arms in a long term,

As a keyboard player, I tend to avoid to much mouse movements to avoid RSI injuries and I think I developed over the years a great workflow to edit just by Keyboard Shortcuts

I think Studio One has great and inovative set of features, very well implemented. It sounds good too.

Hope to see more keyboard shortcut commands avaliable to streamline editing workflows

Thanks in advance.

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