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Intel i9 vs. AMD Threadripper for new desktop build?

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asked Aug 22, 2019 in Studio One 4 by brandonguergo (1,020 points)


Building a new PC since my current build is a relatively old one where I went so high-end it to last has lasted a decade and doesn't need to be upgraded, still works fine with most things but can get bogged down with too many instantiations of a plugin like reverbs/analog saturation or CPU eaters like u-he and Serum.

I tried to find multi-core (not thread) info about Studio One 4 Pro but I couldn't find anything definitive.

Anyone have experience with both CPUs or have knowledge about multi-core use, Intel at a higher speed vs. an AMD with double the cores? I've almost always stuck with Intel and I've yet to have a single piece of hardware fault during builds for over 15 years but AMD has stepped up their tech game lately so I'm highly considering them. I do run at 4k currently but I don't particularly plan to play video games much anymore on this build, saying this because Intel is usually more suitable at higher speeds as games don't milk multi-cores to their potential yet.

Main uses : Studio One 4 Pro with heavy CPU usage, rendering, basic graphic design


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answered Aug 24, 2019 by vasilykorytov (9,430 points)
generally for real-time audio you want faster cores, not more cores (as long as it's not a 1-core CPU).

I have no experience with both CPUs, but out of those would take 9900K, 8 cores is enough and the cores are 30% faster, according to tests.