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Usb C cable not working

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asked Feb 10, 2019 in AudioBox USB by tijsvandenbroeck (120 points)

When i connect my studio 24c with usb c to usb c cable it will not connect, however when i use a usb c to usb a dongle, with usbc to usb a cable it will connect. 

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answered Feb 12, 2019 by nathanlavoie (270 points)
Not sure why, but using the USB C cable from the apple power adapter instead of the persons cable seems to allow connection.
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answered Feb 23, 2019 by johnnyjoseph1 (160 points)
Same here. Unfortunately searching online it seems this is the only solution at the moment. This is exactly what I was trying to get away from by upgrading to this product, not having to use an adapter haha
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answered Mar 8, 2019 by andreashinrichs (160 points)

Yes, using the Apple USB C it works, using the presonus USB C it dosn ´t. ????sad In deutsch: Nach einer Stunde Suche die Lösung: Das Interface läuft nur mit Apple USB C cable von der Stromverbindung. Versteht das einer?

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answered Apr 7, 2019 by bobbell1 (140 points)
Same here after a couple of hours of trying to figure out why the interface wasn't showing up. Swapped to my Apple USB-C to USB-C and boom! Network synced and interface is available! Sure hope this isn't a view into how the rest of this experience is going to go..................
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answered Apr 11, 2019 by brianthomas19 (180 points)
Glad I came across this after only about 1/2 hour of frustration with the USB-C cable.  I have a modern MacBook pro.  The USB-A cable worked (with my adapter), but the USB-C cable refused to connect.  Swapping out the USB-C cable with the one that came with my power supply fixed the problem.
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answered Apr 12, 2019 by brianthomas19 (180 points)
Following up from my previous answer, I bought a cheap AmazonBasics usb-c cable and it works fine too.
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answered Jun 25, 2019 by parkerfleming (140 points)
I just tried to setup my new Studio 24c and ran into the same issue.

I have a new Macbook Pro with 4 usb-c ports. I had my external USB-C drives, my external monitor, and my new Studio 24c. The device wouldn't power up, I assumed it was because I had too many peripherals, so I unplugged the usb-c drives and finally got a light on the 48v phantom power button, but the USB light was red. I switched the cable to one I bought separately and viola, the USB light turned blue.

So, it appears that the USB-C cable provided by Presonus is faulty.

Anyone know what to do to get Presonus to provide replacements?