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Maschine has been "Blacklisted?"

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asked Apr 7, 2019 in Studio One 4 by jarock (130 points)
Upon starting up SO4 Pro why is it giving me the message that Maschine has been "blacklisted"? I have been having problems using my Komplete s49 keyboard as an instrument within Maschine software in studio one 4 pro. The keyboard and Maschine communicate with each other; just when I try to play the keyboard, no sound is trigger even though it is showing its triggering on the hard ware. Sorry two questions in one. But I am wondering if the blacklisted message has something to with this? Please help. I've asked this question of Native Instruments forum and so far their suggestion did not work. Thanks in Advance!

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answered May 22, 2019 by CilentCipha (150 points)
Same here. Can't get Maschine and Captain Plugins (Chords, Bass, Melody) out of the backlist. Every other plugin works fine.
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answered Dec 19, 2019 by Mats Nermark (480 points)
Same here but in my case it's NI Komplete COntrol and Kontakt.

So now I can't work on any tune I have started that uses Komplete Kontrol as S1 doesn't see it. That means every tune I've started since S1 v 4.5. This is really not good!

/Mats N