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Is there an option in S1 so that all played notes on a midi instruments have the same/full velocity ?

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asked Apr 20, 2019 in Studio One 4 by cedricmialaret (1,310 points)
ATOM has one Full level mode that will play pads at full level no matter the touch.

Other instruments provide means to adjust the velocity curve.

For those that don't, and when you want all key presses to have the same velocity (generally full, even better if configurable), is there a way, in Studio One, to directly set a default input velocity?

[Of course one can change all velocities after with editing. The idea is to be able to play the keyboard without having to take care of dynamic at this stage.]

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answered Apr 20, 2019 by matthewritenburg (14,790 points)
On the MIDI input, it doesn't look like it.  The MIDI input filter doesn't offer an option to filter velocity (it would be nice if you could choose any MIDI parameter to filter).

However, once a MIDI track is recorded, it is very easy to click on that MIDI track, select Musical Functions->Velocity then choose "Set All to" which allows you to set all notes in that tract to what ever velocity value you want.
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answered Mar 2 by jerryconnolly (1,070 points)
This answer may be too late to matter but, in the display panel for some of the virtual instruments (Presence XT, Mai Tai, etc.), there is a Velocity knob that lets you set the degree to which the instrument is affected by note velocity.  The setting range is from 0% (no velocity sensitivity) to 100% (full velocity sensitivity).  So at the 0% setting, it ignores velocity messages from your input device.