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S1 V4 failed to load plugins, all VSTs are blacklisted

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asked May 26, 2019 in Studio One 4 by michaelyu4 (370 points)

Starting a new question because I have already read through basically every other thread on the forums, on google and other sites, etc.

Just upgraded to S1 V4.5, and now all plugins fail to load upon scanning and are all sent to blacklist. Have already ran through every thread with similar issues so:

  • they are 64 bit plugins
  • not a jbridge related issue, as they are 64 bit
  • have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugins
  • have reset the blacklist
  • have deleted and reset the VST paths in Options
  • turned off anti-virus, added exceptions to all the plugin folders and S1 folders
  • have ran it on Win 8 compatibility mode
  • have uninstalled and reinstalled S1
  • tried installing previous builds of V4
There's probably other things I've done too but this is driving me insane... why spend $300 to upgrade only to get something that doesn't work? Previously was running S1 V3 Artist mode, now upgrade to Professional with V4. 

Does anyone have any other possible solutions that haven't been listed? 
Last resort is a clean install of Win 10 which I am not going to do... I saw one person had to resort to that, and it seems rather ridiculous that V4 would require that. 
Thanks in advance, hopefully this can get sorted out!

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answered Jun 4, 2019 by michaelyu4 (370 points)
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Hey all, update on this - the issue has been RESOLVED! After many days of back and forth with PreSonus support, the solution we found was that it wasn't enough just to turn off / disable anti-virus software or add exceptions to relevant folders. I had to completely uninstall my A/V software, restart my computer, reset the blacklist, uninstall and reinstall Studio One. Then, with that clean slate and no A/V software at all (besides the default Win 10 one), the plugin scanner was able to function properly again.

Seems unfortunate that only S1 needs this workaround to get it working, but at least it's working for now. Hopefully they adjust this for the future.
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answered May 26, 2019 by tothrec (31,840 points)
I had the same problem when I upgraded to V4, but the solutions you already tried worked for me.

You really shouldn't have to blow away Windows for something like this (and it may not solve the underlying issue anyway).

With the blacklist reset and Anti-virus disabled and running Studio One as Admin, what is the error/message you get?

Maybe it is something other than the typical blacklist issue?

Have you also verified that the VST folders are what you want S1 to pick up?

Maybe remove all but one and see if you can get *some* plugins scanned, then add other folders to identify the culprit.

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answered May 26, 2019 by michaelyu4 (370 points)
@tothrec, thanks for looking into this.

While scanning, it either says "plugin ignored because it is blacklisted" or "Failed to scan plugin"

I have been trying to isolate one by one. For example, right now I've uninstalled all my plugins, starting from scratch. I'm testing on Arturia Analog Lab because that's always been stable for me. It's on Analog Lab 4 now which is 64 bit. But it just says "Failed to scan Analog Lab 4" upon start, and places it in the blacklist.

What's even better now is that, in reinstalling to Analog Lab 4, I can't even get it to work anymore on S1 V3 anymore for some reason, meaning I can't even go back to working on the previous version, woo.
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answered May 28, 2019 by david anthony (220 points)
I am having the same problem new computer new download or Studio One 4.5 professional new download of Slate everything bundle. I've tried everything but plugins will not scan, Does anyone have a solution to this, come on Slate and Presonus help us out.
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answered May 28, 2019 by vicenterojas1 (200 points)
I have the same problem since I installed the new version 4.5. My PC has to be connected to the internet so that Studio One 4.5 calls my plugins. When my PC is not connected to the internet, the software stays looking for the plugings but never calls them. I just opened a ticket with the description of the problem and wait for the answer to see if finally the problem has any solution.
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answered May 30, 2019 by michaelyu4 (370 points)
Update on my progress with this as of 5/30 - still no change sadly.

I've been in contact with PreSonus support, going through steps from them, but no dice. Tried the new 4.5.1 update, did not fix the issue. Tried deleting and refreshing the S1 settings files, but nothing new.

To make sure it's not the plugins that are wonky, I tested it in other DAWs - loaded them into Cakewalk, Reaper and Adobe Audition and they all worked fine without issue... so it's something wrong with S1, but I have no idea what it could be...

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answered Jul 5, 2019 by morgendonner1 (190 points)
edited Jul 7, 2019 by morgendonner1

July 4, 2019 9:50 p.m. PST   TRY THIS FIRST!

I've been beating my head against a wall for 2 days on this issue and I tried everything short of uninstalling anything but Studio One. I was just about to give up and call tech support when I stumbled on a solution.  To begin with, I have Malwarebytes and WinPatrol WAR in addition to Avast Internet. I disabled all of them as suggested and nothing worked. I noticed that my firewall was reporting that it was blocking plugin scanner app yet when I investigated found that there was no blocked ports. This baffled me. What could it be? Then as I was bringing everything back online and reconnecting my router I decided to do something different. Avast gives you the option of choosing either a public network connection or a private network connection. I had it set on public because it provides a higher level of security, but it really isn't necessary. I'm the only one who uses this computer and it's located in my home. This time however I decided to set it to a Private Network.

I launched Studio One Win x64 Built on May 28 2019 one more time and VOILA!  Plugin Scanner worked without a hitch. You have to manually reply to any demos, Waves, or Pace vsts you might have loaded or it will stop and wait for you, but it's not broken. And you might have to pull something back up from the taskbar if you walk away... but otherwise... flawless.  Happy 4th Everybody.

Addendum: This issue is not specific to your antivirus software. It is a Windows Firewall issue being managed by your antivirus software.

Manage this from your antivirus software and choose private networks while using Studio One.

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answered Dec 1, 2020 by ramonvanadrighem (360 points)

On MacOs Hight Sierra I am having the same problem in S1 v5, all VST are blacklisted after a very slow (hours) of scanning.

Scanning with S1 v4 works OK and VST show up and work just fine, If I turn of Scan at Startup in S1 v5, VST's do still not show up (even after scanning them correctly with v4).

I only use Little Snitch, but I have no rules for S1 or pluigin scanner, and even turning this of little snitch completely there is no change)... also in the monitoring app I can not see any atempt from pluginscanner to connect to internet.

Any help will be really appreciated!
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answered Jul 3, 2021 by bocarlsson (140 points)

I had the same problem and tested everything (Windows 10). Nothing worked but I found what my problem was.

Turns out my VPN app (Windscribe) was the problem. I had previously split tunneled "Studio One.exe" due to license verification problems. But to get plugins working I also had to split tunnel the "PlugInScanner.exe" executable.

So if nothing else works try this:

  • Reset plug-in blocklist.
  • Close Studio One.
  • Disable/turn off your VPN.
  • Restart Studio One.
  • Update plug-ins.

Hope this helps. /Bo