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Is it possible to add an instrument part/pattern longer than ONE bar with the ATOM?

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asked Jun 13, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by brandonguergo (1,130 points)
edited Jul 11, 2019 by brandonguergo
I don't see it anywhere in the manual, and if it's not a feature at all these very ridiculous.

I understand the ATOM adds patterns one at a time, but the length of a single pattern should not be restricted to one bar, causing me to have to insert a variation 15 times for a simple 16 bar phrase with at least a minor amount of variation. Not everyone likes inorganic/metronomic beats.

If you use a single pattern and duplicate it, changing any of those 16 duplicates affect all the others, it's simply not ideal for anything musical and using the ATOM as part of a workflow. Variation is a quick command but then I have to redo the entire pattern or take too much out/add too much in x 15.

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answered Jul 11, 2019 by jameswest7 (3,100 points)
As of right now Studio One enters patterns and events one at a time, therefore that's what ATOM does. The best way to create patterns longer than one bar from the ATOM hardware is to insert a pattern from the user buttons, duplicate the pattern as many times as necessary using the duplicate pad, select all the patterns using the shift + left or right buttons, then assign a user button to "Merge Events", then press that button to merge those events.