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Make "Post Fader Gain" available for Cue Mix Sends

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asked Dec 29, 2019 in Mixing by jonasabdallah (140 points)
First of all: great, that Studio One has unlimited Cue Mixes, I uses Cubase for 10 Years before and they only have 4...

My "problem" is within Cue Mix Send Levels. On normal Sends I can chose to go with pre- or post-fader gain. On Cue Mix sends it is always Pre Fader. It's a nice feature that the gain can be locked to the Channel Fader, but I think the workflow becomes tricky when you de-lock the Cue Gain (for example Musician A wants Channel X 2 db louder on his headphones).

When you now do adjustments on the mix itself and you have to adjust the overall Channel fader position because of that, you lose the overview on that changes you have to do on the Cue Send Levels. When working with 5-6 musicians ans the same amount of separate mixes it becomes messy fast.

It would be awesome to tell Studio One: "send + 2db gain of channel X compared to normal fader position to musician A" and so one.

I know this can be solved by not using Cue Mixes and Using "normal Sends" - but those and their outputs arent affected by low latency monitoring.

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