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Scale highlight in Piano Roll grid, not just the keyboard keys

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asked Aug 11, 2019 in Editing by marcora (2,860 points)
edited Aug 11, 2019 by marcora
Same as in FL Studio piano roll, with light rows being notes in the scale and dark rows being notes not in the scale (rather than white and black keys on the piano keyboard). Pretty simple but super-effective when drawing chords and melodies!

Adding a slightly different shade to highlight root and other notes in current chord, if chord track is active, would also be extremely useful when drawing melodies and bass lines.

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answered Apr 30, 2022 by szymonjanicki (400 points)
It's 2022 and nothing has been done. Maybe just something like Ableton to fold piano roll to scale. Who knows, maybe in 10 years time we will have it , when we gonna be old and useless. Have a nice producing
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answered May 14, 2022 by JosephJFK (750 points)
Yes, this would be very valuable.  Ableton makes it much easier to input in-scale notes with just a mouse, or to edit with the scales in mind.  Overall, Studio One has much more powerful chord support.  It would be great if that support were integrated into the piano roll better.
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answered May 18, 2022 by valentinosciacca1 (8,180 points)
edited May 18, 2022 by valentinosciacca1
Yes, this would be so useful!
I suggested something similar but no one cared about.....

Here is the link:

Thanks for sharing it! :)
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answered Aug 25 by Olley Ollet (870 points)
yeah so this latest update has made studio one unusable to me. in C# minor and i have to think of it like A minor. Every scale is just giving me brain melt. please just take this a step further and do scale collapse/fold like cubase and ableton. or at the very least make it so the 6.2 update can be reverted in advanced settings pleaseeee. I'm aware I'm going to be unique on this but I cant focus please. I draw 90% of what i do this is a huge deal to me.