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Is anyone reading this thread?

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asked Sep 8, 2019 in Studio One Feature Requests by sasarajak (3,140 points)
It looks like new requests are poping up constantly but nobody takes time to read and vote existing ones.

This has lost the purpose

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answered Sep 8, 2019 by kylesmith11 (260 points)
I for one am waiting for an update on the "solo" not muting the "cue mixes". But I seems Presonus is more interested in aesthetics of having a pretty board. I don't care what shade of hunter green the use! I'm not a loop artist who set in a studio alone. I like live tracking. They are going to lose people like me to Pro Tools if they can't fix basic needs.
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answered Feb 16 by robertgray3 (31,720 points)
@kylesmith11 there’s a setting in the console you can toggle that de-couples soloing from the main mode and the cue mix... been there for a while
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answered Feb 16 by robertgray3 (31,720 points)
Agreed wholeheartedly. I think the system as designed is very difficult to manage and browse and it appears its priority has been lowered dramatically.