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Pitch automation

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asked Jan 16, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by sanchezco (410 points)

I really need this feature in S1 3, since today I have to use Bitwig or logic if I need this. Look at bitwig and make something similiar, its so easy and good for us EDM producers.



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answered Jan 21, 2016 by AlexTinsley (827,310 points)
Thanks for the great feature request.

If anyone else agrees, or disagrees, please vote on it!
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answered Feb 6, 2016 by danielmaddocks (360 points)
I too have wanted this for some time and thought it may have been implemented by now which makes me question if it ever will be.

I do wonder if the deal with Celemony (Melodyne) includes an 'in return for Melodyne integration and free software we will not implement audio track pitch automation' clause.

I hope not as the 2 compliment each other, because of the included Melodyne essential I purchased the Melodyne editor, would still like audio track pitch automation though.
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answered Nov 24, 2016 by Scoox (12,160 points)
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answered Jan 31, 2018 by neiljordan1 (16,510 points)

Would love to see this realized in the form of a pitch shifting plugin (see Pro Tools' Pitch II for an example).

The main reason I'd love to see it as a plugin, rather than just another parameter for the track is that it'd open up other options too, such as putting this plugin on an FX channel for downtune/uptune fattening, without having to duplicate whole tracks.

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answered Mar 9, 2018 by robertgray3 (32,840 points)
+1, would be great for smooth pitch slides in transitions and stuff!
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answered Aug 24, 2019 by Michael1985 (8,330 points)
Not just this, also REAL macro knob automations for the macro knobs and modzulators for them would be really nice!