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How can I use the output of the 22VSL for DAW & Windows at the same time?

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asked Jan 21, 2016 in AudioBox USB by mikelauren (220 points)
Windows 7 SP1, ASUS P8P67 mobo, i7 2600K

22VSL  driver version

My Firepod FP10 finally died, so I just replaced it with a 22VSL. I used to have no problem having the FP10 output as the default windows sound output and run as my DAW in/out. After I switched over to the 22VSL, whenever I start my DAW (Abelton Live 9) it forces the Windows sound onto a different device (I think the basic soundcard on the mobo).


For example, I can start Windows and hear everything through the 22VSL out (youtube, winamp, whatever). Then when I start the DAW, I hear a faint pop sound, then all sounds outside of the DAW get routed through some other device, but the DAW plays through the 22VSL out.


I have changed the setting in:

Sound>Audiobox 22VSL Audio>Properties>Advanced tab>Exclusive mode DISABLED


Making this change did not change the behavior.

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answered Jan 21, 2016 by AlexTinsley (912,250 points)
selected Jan 21, 2016 by mikelauren
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Sample rate of your project has to be the same sample rate of your default playback device in Windows Sound Advanced Properties.

To resolve this open up the the Playback device control panel on Windows (Win 8.1 and Win 10, hit Windows Key + X and then select Control Panel, then click on Sound) and select your AudioBox 22VSL in the playback device list and click Properties, then select the Advanced Tab, there it will display the sample rate of your output.

Streaming audio from say YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, will not play at any other sample rate correctly or at all when the sample rate displayed in this advanced menu is different from your project sample rate.

For example if you set your project to 48KHz in Live, then go into Windows Advanced Properties for the output your listening to your audio on and change it to the sample rate to match that of your project. In this example you'd change it to 16bit 48KHz, then audio will play in the back ground from your Windows audio.

I just tested this with Ableton Live 9.5 on Windows 10x64 (x1511) with an AudioBox iOne which uses the same family device driver as the 22VSL.

Keep in mind you'll need to change it back if you use a different sample rate in your project in the future.

For anyone else running across this issue. It also occurs for 1394 devices on Windows.

This does not happen on OS X. This is a Microsoft Windows only issue.