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Deadzone when bouncing tracks out.

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asked Nov 14, 2019 in Studio One 4 by mantis7750 (140 points)
Studio One 4.5 is not letting some of my songs fully bounce out. I have a project session with multiple songs. When I bounce out specific songs, they are not completely bounce. Like the audio cuts out completely when playing back the WAVE or MP3 File in any media player. It only does this for specific spots in the studio one session. It's weird. When it does cut out, I have to restart studio one because the interface drivers stop working. I have tested it with multiple interfaces and drivers. The same event happens with all of the interface divers when trying to bounce out songs in specific parts of the project session. I'm not maxing out my CPU either. Other parts of my project session that don't have this deadzone bounce out just fine and the audio playback works fine immediately after the bounce and the file plays back perfectly. The Dead zones are predictable because the songs that are not bouncing out completely always cut out at the same spots. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem or have a fix to the problem?

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