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STOP S1 from changing the lengths of events when bouncing

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asked Sep 7, 2021 in Editing by Garrie (710 points)
What I am doing: either using the cut tool to trim off the beginning/end of an event, then using CTRL+B to bounce the edited event, or manually adjusting the start/end points of the event and then using CTRL+B to bounce.

What I expected to happen: S1 bounces the event, and the new event is the precise size that I edited it to.

What actually happens: S1 bounces the event, and the new event is elongated at the start and end point.

What I'd tried: contacted technical support, who suggested to use "bounce to new track" instead. However, this creates the following issues:

1) Bouncing to a new track takes FAR longer than just CTRL+B, and this is because bounce to new track does not just bounce the audio event but also RENDERS it through whatever plugins are on that track. I do not want to render.

2) Bouncing to new track gives me a whole bunch of additional steps to perform - I now have to delete the new track that was created unnecessarily and I have to perform this for every single event that's on the same channel.

The user should be able to tell S1 what length the events should be, and S1 should obey that and not inject it's own desires for what length the even should be.

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answered Sep 8, 2021 by Fornicras (2,090 points)
selected Sep 8, 2021 by Garrie
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Toggle snapping off, then select the event you want to bounce and bounce it, you will see it will not lengthen it after bouncing.

Or you can also create range with range tool (with the event you want to bounce selected) and then bounce it, you will see it will bounce it to a new file with the length of selected range. Snapping must off for this too.

Selecting with range tool:

Bouncing it with Ctrl + B:

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answered Mar 26 by richardcurran (140 points)
I can't believe this is still an issue in 2024.
Thanks Fornicras for the toggle snap info, this works. I'd only add that if you have once bounced with snap on and had the clip resized, if you ctrl z, turn snap off and then bounce it, the clip remembers the resizing and goes to **** again.