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closed Using 3rd party plugins with an offline computer

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asked Jun 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by giovannipaologaleotti (410 points)
closed Jun 18, 2021 by giovannipaologaleotti
Hello, i've seen some people experiencing problems with offline use of the software so before buying it i'd like to know if it applies to my case:

I've seen that plugin scanner must be online to work and correctly get external vst plugins, but my studio has no internet at all to avoid distractions, so of course i can connect for the first activation, but moving the PC every time i have to install a new plugin would be a problem, so here is the question: is it possible to scan new plugins without an internet connection?

Thanks a lot in advance
closed with the note: Probably this problem was present only for some old versions of the software but not the latest

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answered Jun 18, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,890 points)
My DAW is very rarely online and adding most VSTs isn't a problem. Some plugins, especially virtual instruments, require online activation. But it's really up to the 3rd party what the activation rules are for their plugins. So some companies require a license and you can get it online  - on another machine and copy it over, some don't have any DRM, and others require online actiation. You'd have to check with the manufacturer of the plugins, S1 doesn't care, the plugin manager will read your plugins whether you are online or not, they just might not work depending of the manufacturer... I've never had a problem with an activated plugin not working because I was offline.
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answered Jun 18, 2021 by giovannipaologaleotti (410 points)
Thank you very much wesley, i've installed the demo to try directly, just in case, and seen that it can scan plugins even offline, so i guess there is no problem for me