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I have a Studiolive 32 series III and have the same issue with poor sounding reverbs.

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asked Dec 31, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by Jstudiosound (260 points)
I just want a good sounding reverb for a vocalist to use while tracking.  The studio live series 3 reverb’s are not as good as any plug-ins that I have. Using plug-ins is not an option for me because the round-trip delay through the mixer and back out to the USB digital input has too much latency (even with small buffer sizes) to be acceptable for the vocalist. I really do wish they would produce a better reverb option for the studio live series III consoles.

 I must say though, other than that I really am extremely happy with this console in my studio. It provides so much flexibility, and the integration to StudioOne in my opinion is stellar. I very seldom use my mouse on a 3rd party plugins anymore. I just use the knobs on my Fat Channel, close my eyes and listen : ).


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answered Dec 31, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,380 points)
edited Dec 31, 2019 by wahlerstudios
Yes, it is a pity that the several reverbs do not come with "good" presets. There are some options within some of the reverbs, but there is nothing that could compete with user friendly presets of other manufacturers. But the effects do have potential and you can create your own presets. Here is one which is creating a "mighty" reverb.

"335 Digital Reverb" (based on Set 1, Concert Hall), modified

Predelay 10.0 ms
Diffusion 0.60
Reflection 0.80
Size 32.00
Low Pass 15.00kHz
LP Damp Freq. 250.0 Hz
LF Damp Gain -5.00 dB

One more thing: You need to use the equalizer on FX send and FX return. +2 dB @ 5 kHz is a good setting, but also check more gain like + 4 dB. Not to forget compression. Reverbs do sound very different when the FX send is compressed. If you want a more "stable" reverb, use compression on the send.
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answered Jan 14 by Jstudiosound (260 points)
Thank you for the response. I did get to use those settings in a session last week. Definitely was better than any Preset or any of the custom tweaking that I had done. I believe the added EQ and Compression helped. It was acceptable, but not as rich and lush as I would like, but definitely more usable. Thanks again.