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Studiolive 32R - Capture doesn't responding

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asked Jan 9 in StudioLive Series III by andrzejgarbowski1 (200 points)
When I create a session in Capture, Capture does not respond, I need to close Capture via the Windows Task Manager. The program sees with the mixer, detects it, creates files for individual channels in session folders. The window with a preview of the session (individual channels) does not open. I would like to record a sound so that I can play it before the band arrives.

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answered Jan 9 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)

Capture is a very uncomplicated and "light" program, which usually does not make any trouble. An uninstall and new install might clear the situation. It might also be helpful to not change the destination for files (use the path Capture suggests). If UC Control works and you can use UC Surface, the USB connection seems to be ok, so Capture should also run. I suppose you are using corresponding versions (firmware, software). Sometimes it can also help to just pull the USB connector our and in... smiley

If a new install of Capture does not help, this is now a technical question and Support is there to answer hardware and software related technical questions.