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Studiolive 32R USB Connection Problem in Windows 10

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by pennylarson (150 points)
I just set up a Studiolive 32R with my Windows 10 desktop. It worked for a day and now the red control light stays perpetually lit. I tried installing Universal Control on my laptop as well and have the same result: neither the desktop or the laptop see the 32R and the red light stays solidly lit on the 32R. Again, it worked with the desktop for a day, and now is stuck in this state. I was just starting to figure out the deep routing, and then it stopped working.

When I power cycle the 32R the Play light lights green, the Record light lights red, the Control light lights Red, and the Power light blinks Red for a moment. After a few seconds, the Play and Record lights go out, the Control light stays Red, and the Power light goes to a steady Blue. I've tried reinstalling Universal Control on both the desktop and laptop with no positive results. I don't know what to try next, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Dec 4, 2019 by mackjohnson1 (3,410 points)
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It sounds like you may have a faulty USB port on your mixer. If this is a recent purchase then exchange with your retailer. If not, create a support ticket so they can troubleshoot or facilitate repair.