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Studiolive 32R USB Connection Problem in Windows 10

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by pennylarson (150 points)
I just set up a Studiolive 32R with my Windows 10 desktop. It worked for a day and now the red control light stays perpetually lit. I tried installing Universal Control on my laptop as well and have the same result: neither the desktop or the laptop see the 32R and the red light stays solidly lit on the 32R. Again, it worked with the desktop for a day, and now is stuck in this state. I was just starting to figure out the deep routing, and then it stopped working.

When I power cycle the 32R the Play light lights green, the Record light lights red, the Control light lights Red, and the Power light blinks Red for a moment. After a few seconds, the Play and Record lights go out, the Control light stays Red, and the Power light goes to a steady Blue. I've tried reinstalling Universal Control on both the desktop and laptop with no positive results. I don't know what to try next, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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answered Dec 4, 2019 by mackjohnson1 (28,180 points)
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It sounds like you may have a faulty USB port on your mixer. If this is a recent purchase then exchange with your retailer. If not, create a support ticket so they can troubleshoot or facilitate repair.
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answered Jul 1, 2020 by andresrowig (150 points)
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Hey pennylarson,

unfortunately, this happened to me twice now on the same device (32r). It was just standing in the studio, when it stopped working. The first time, it was fixed by presonus on warranty. I hope, presonus is offering a free fix again this time. It is pretty obvious, that the USB connection is highly sensitive, maybe lacking a proper protection circuit. Otherwise, I don't have any explanation, why this is happening several times and not only to me. This is supposed to be the most reliable piece of hardware with the whole band playing through it. If that ever happens on stage, it would be a total nightmare! Is there anybody else who experienced this trouble?