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Is there a way to use ASIO4ALL to record using a USB mic, WHILE ALSO being able to hear the playback?

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asked Jan 12, 2020 in AudioBox USB by benkaestner-frenchman (120 points)
I'm trying to use a USB mic with Studio One 4. I know that this is a tricky issue that requires running the USB mic through ASIO4ALL. Pretty annoying, but fine. Unfortunately, ASIO4ALL doesn't seem to support playback, meaning that if I'm trying to use it to record vocals for a backing track, I can't hear the backing track. If I switch to my AudioBox, I can hear the backing track but can no longer record through the USB mic. Is there a fix for this, or any plans to make it so Studio One 4 supports USB mics through Windows Audio?

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answered Feb 17, 2020 by franzjameszelenka (220 points)
you probably just forgot to change your computers sound path setting. you'll need to change those as well. just because you tell studio 1 to record or playback through your audiobox, or asio4all, your computer is still thinking its sound path is through something else.ive included a link to a picture on dropbox showing you what I'm talking about.


also, How were you able to write yourself a question on here, I'm having trouble figuring out the- "Punch In"- recording aspect of studio 1 features? I want to be able to listen to my recording,( or loop) until the exact moment it ends and recording starts and I'm able to record multiple takes because it only records as many bars as you say you want it to- before it loops you back and records the next take as a new layer!!! effectively recording what you want to- and not recording anything else!

Please let me know either how you can post a question on here or if you can maybe even answer mine? thanks, Neon  :)