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I'm using a zoom h6 as my audio interface but it's only showing 2 out of 6 tracks

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 4 by andydobbs (120 points)

I have followed the instructions from this question -

but it's not allowing me to select the other 4 channels as they are greyed out (see screenshot)

Please help.

2 Answers

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answered Sep 25 by jaycehill1 (140 points)
I am having the same issue! Did you find out how to fix?:
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answered Nov 22 by dylanmartin12 (310 points)
It's been a year but the answer is to press "apply". Then they will light up. I'm currently losing my patience over getting my zoom L8 working with studio one and noticed your post. I've figured out the part I mentioned regarding your problem, but I can't get the L8 working. Any zoom advice?