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Studio 68c usb audio dropping out after a few seconds

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asked Jan 30, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by tiarninichols (160 points)
Hi, so I bought a Studio 68c interface just under two months ago and upon firing it up this morning the audio signal from my laptop just drops out after a few seconds. The interface is showing that it's recognizing there's a usb connection (blue light), but the sound just isn't coming through. I've never had any problem with it before this, and nothing has changed in the way it's set up or what I use it for (demoing through studio one and listening to spotify/itunes). If I unplug the usb cable and plug it back in (at either the interface side or laptop side) I get sound coming back through, but after about 4 seconds the signal just cuts out again. Interface shows signal coming through on the meters, then poof, nothing. Has anyone else encountered this? Could it be a problem with the cable or is it more likely the interface? I can plug an audio cable into the line inputs on the interface and hear audio perfectly fine using the monitor button, but as soon as I try and receive audio through the usb from my laptop it just keeps dropping out. Since setting it up out of the box it hasn't been moved, cables have never been yanked around or moved, literally nothing has moved and all of a sudden I'm having this problem. Please send help.

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answered Feb 3, 2020 by tarassenchuk (180 points)
Hello everybody. I have the same problem! Have you solved your problem? Has anyone encountered this or can they have a problem? Help please!
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answered Feb 26, 2020 by bobbysirois (230 points)
Same Problem. They even sent me a faulty USB-C to USB-C cable and never even sent me a new one.
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answered Feb 26, 2020 by bobbysirois (230 points)
Quick Fix: restart your computer. worked for me.

Hopefully there is a patch for this soon though. and a good cable would be nice lol
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answered Mar 16, 2021 by georgiospapanicolaou (170 points)
I an having exactly the same problem. Any answers?
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answered Aug 21, 2021 by rnzpcdkf (160 points)
Hey all, try disabling the USB Selective Suspend setting in your OS. Its in advanced power management settings. My 68c was doing the same thing, only bought yesterday but already doing what you've all mentioned. Just disabled the Suspend setting just now so not sure if it actually fixed it, but worth a go.

Edit: I think because the 68c has its own power it doesn't draw anything from the system so the OS thinks its not being used when audio isn't being sent to it and so it puts the port to sleep.
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answered Mar 8, 2023 by bjpysris (160 points)

I have the same problem. PRESONUS technicians do not seem to find the problem. with all the other cards I have no problem. with this card it's a disaster

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answered May 7, 2023 by irenepulejo (240 points)
edited May 7, 2023 by irenepulejo

I've the same problem. Do you have OSX o Windows? I ve afraid there is an incompatibility  with some OSX component....with VLC e garage band Crash, with ITunes no crash.

Anyway...I've red that this sound card is compatibility with my computer but If I ve read this post early i wouldn't have bought this sort of toy soudcard! I'm very disappointed!!! Presonus please help us!angry