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Almost can't hear the guitar while recording/ after recording

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asked Nov 3, 2019 in Studio One 4 by michaelkalle (120 points)
Hi everybody,

I'm want to record a guitar what seems to work quite well meaning the meter of the inputlevel is going up to -12db when I play the guitar. This looks nice to me.  But there is almost no sound of the guitar on the monitor-phones while monitoring or replaying the song after recording it. When I replay the song after recording the meter of the instrument has its highest pitch at -24db. But  all VST-Instruments I've used can be heared while recording / re-playing in a way I've expected and I'm happy with. It's just the guitar that sounds like it has been played in a room far, far away.

I'm using a Studio 26 audiointerface and the  guitar is plugged directly into input1. My software ist Studio One Artist (4.5).

I've checked so many tutorials and videos about setting up the audio interface correctly in Studio One but I didn't find any configuration failures and I still have not a single clue what could be wrong . Therefore I'm very grateful for any help I can get.

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