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Studio One virtual keyboard + U-he synths Bug

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asked Feb 8 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by sayedcsefalvay2 (200 points)

I would like to ask Presonus if it would be possible to look into a bug with Studio One that I have had for a long while now.

Sometimes I use the virtual keyboard in Studio One to audition sounds for virtual instruments. But unfortunately I find the great synths from u-he to be almost unusable in Studio One with this method, as for some reason when it comes to their plugins (zebra, dive, hive, etc.) the notes keep getting stuck on the virtual keyboard, and the only way to to make them stop playing is to reset the synth instance or delete the track and re add the track. I have not had this issue, at least not this consistently with any other synths or sample libraries (kontakt). 
The problem doesnt seem to be on u-he's side, as I already forwarded the issue to Urs and his team over at KVR. Here is the response from u-he:


Also several other people tried it and they also got stuck notes, sometimes it only happened when the virtual keyboard was not on top of/overlaying  the Hive GUI.
S1 users feel free to test this out with uhe plugins (they have free demos as well) if you want and let me know if playing wiht your normal keyboard using Studio One's virtual keyboard causes stuck notes.

Hoping this can be fixed. 


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answered Feb 8 by robertgray3 (37,610 points)
it's not just u-he, happens with their own plugin Mai Tai as well :)
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answered Feb 19 by robertgray3 (37,610 points)
Use the Tab key to sustain notes in the meantime instead of CMD. CMD isn’t actually meant to sustain notes- that’s a bug. The tab key is meant for that.