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Does Notion Save An Image While I'm Working?

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asked Feb 25 in Notion by leeradzicki (290 points)
I methodically save my work while editing.  Almost after every edit.  W10 crashed on me this morning (BSOD).  When I re-booted the system and tried to resume my work, Notion is saying "File could not be opened.  The data in this file could not be recognized".  What?  I saved this file several minutes before the crash.

I have a backup from 2 days ago, but I have done a lot of edits since then.  I am hoping Notion has some kind of "temp save" file somewhere that I could use.  I've scanned the User Guide and it appears that Notion does not do any "auto saving" (like Sibelius does).

If I could find an image of my file newer than 2 days ago, that would save me a TON of time.

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