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No audio signal at main output resolved by changing mixing scenes. Any ideas?

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asked Mar 6, 2020 in Ai Mixers by andreasfischer4 (120 points)
Hello community,

I have a Studiolive RML32 AI mixer with no audio output at the main outputs (, but the aux outputs carry a signal). The unit was at Presonus for repair with basically a firmware replacement. At first the unit worked. I restored the settings from backup and I get no signal, again. Changing the mixing scenes back and forth solves the problem, but that should not be necessary. All mute buttons are disengaged, the faders are all set to unity gain. I can hear audio in my headphones set to main, but there is no meter activity at the main output channel and no audio coming out of the PA. I have tried to erase the old settings using the undo button in the mixing scene screen, but some of the settings come back anyway.

I will try restoring the unit to factory settings and setting everything from scratch. But I am concerned that since I don't understand what in my settings should be the reason for this misbehaviour how to prevent this from happening again.

Has anybody have had a similar problem?


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