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To anyone using studiolive series iii with cakewalk, how is that working?

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asked Mar 7 in StudioLive Series III by billmcmanus (200 points)
DAW is Cakewalk by Band Lab on 64 bit Windows 10 PC. I'm wondering if the StudioLive Series iii 32sx can be used as my audio interface and DAW controller, before spending the money. Thank you in advance.

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answered Mar 11 by jonnydoyle (351,400 points)
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The mapping focus was on Pro Tools (HUI) and Logic (MCU). This is stated in the release notes.

If Cakewalk supports either mode, you could probably get some limited functionality based on how it uses either mode.
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answered Jun 10 by alansandeman (140 points)
I am new to the Studiolive Series III with my SL16.  I have been using Cakewalk for years and had no major difficulty in getting the SL16 to be recognized by Cakewalk.  I would be honoured to assist if possible.