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Is there a way to get track sync more granular on StudioOne Artist?

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asked Mar 25 in Studio One 4 by edwardparrot (140 points)
I recently started using Studio One Artist and there is a lot to like, but I've run into one pretty major problem. If I have two tracks and I need to do have one begin at an exact point relative to the other one, the tools don't appear granular enough. The help manual says that a nudge moves one millisecond, but that's absolutely not the case. It's 1/16 of a second, which is far too long.

Is there any way to get more granularity in syncing tracks? Note - that the range tool has a similar granularity, which also is problematic for trimming.

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answered Mar 25 by johnellard (2,620 points)
Tracks nudge 1 millisecond.
The Start point is probably nudging 1/16th according to Quantize setting and Snap-to being on?
Alternatively, turn off Snap?!
I've never had or seen this problem before, so it's probably something simple in the settings.
asked Mar 25 in Studio One 4 by edwardparrot (140 points) Thanks!