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Align Events to 0.0.0

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asked Mar 28, 2020 in Studio One 4 by chandlerbriggs (1,510 points)

This is probably my biggest Studio One Gripe. When I am in creative mode, I want my Daw to handle the technical part. This means when I have Snap on, my events need to align to 0. I might even go further to add, it should truncate the event to make it start and end on the 0 point. When I override that, that is my creative license but my initial event creation of the event should be spot on based on my settings. 

Where Studio One fails is when I set it to 0 point with snap and then duplicate, I find my starts and ends are all over the place. And furthermore when I set it by dragging and/or resizing using the numerical pop up guide to set to .00, when I zoom in further, I find it is not at 0 at all. I understand some humanness is desired and this in itself can add that flavor, I am just saying how can Studio One, by the math, can have an event at 0 and then when you zoom in further it is not at 0? Furthermore, the snap does not seem to really work. Now, I am an illustrator also and have used Adobe Illustrator and the snap, there is exactly what you'd expect and its tolerance can be set in preferences. So I add this sort of control as an enhancement suggestion. 

See this for example:

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answered Apr 2, 2020 by chandlerbriggs (1,510 points)
With a number of views and no comments, I am curious if this it just an issue for me and if so, how do you not have it be an issue?

Event alignment is important and it changes mathematical value at different magnification levels so it seems like the coding is relative to screen zoom and it should just be the mathematical point on the song, I would suggest an option to right click an event and be able to see and change start and end values for the event with a "snap to start and end" option and a "truncate MIDI data" option. Then at any zoom it is right where it was set. If I am missing something here, I would appreciate being educated! Thank you.