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How many windows audio devices does StudioLive 32R have?

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asked Apr 14 in StudioLive Series III by nathanmesick (120 points)

So I am looking to get a new digital mixer. I currently use one for my windows audio setup (gaming, streaming, playing my guitar through my axe fx, and more). I am currently using a ********* X18 air, but would like to upgrade. Right now my ********* has 4 windows audio devices to select from. This allows me to route different programs to different channels on my mixer. How many audio devices can be utilized with the StudioLive 32R? If you aren't sure what I am talking about, when you go into the sound control panel to look at audio devices, I currently have 4 (I should mention 4 inputs and 4 outputs) to choose from with my ********* mixer. (See attached)

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