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Playback only MIDI on top in same lane/track

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asked Apr 15 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by bradleyamick (180 points)

In StudioOne, editing MIDI in one lane (let's take drums for example) seem to playback all MIDI that's below/underneath or on top of one another. It'd be nice if by default, it only plays the midi on top...(see quick video below explaining)

I have a short 4 min video showing my question/feature request about Studio One midi playback/editing.

Example. I have a drum VST.
I drag and drop a midi groove on the sequencer.
Then I want to drag and drop a midi drum fill right on top at the end of the groove. However, StudioOne plays back both the midi groove and the drum fill at the same time, unless I cut/mute or remove the midi region underneath.

Is there a way to just have it playback what's on top?
This method of midi editing/playback is SO much easier and faster than diving into layers for midi

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