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No audio is being transmitted from my instruments, but I can hear loops and wave files.

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asked Apr 16, 2020 in Studio One 5 by kidtaz (150 points)
So I just downloaded PreSonus Studio One Prime yesterday, I am pretty new to all this and probably my first DAW which I plan on diving in head first and when I went to set up my input and output I can't seem to get playback on any sounds I create within the edit window. I opened up the qwerty keyboard and am hitting notes yet no sound is being transmitted to my headphones (the keystrokes can be recorded when I record but still don't playback). I've watched numerous videos on how to set up my audio and multiple forums seeking for answers and I seem to be the only one experiencing this exact problem. I can drag in a loops and audio recordings and I can hear the playback in my headphones but I don't hear any of the instruments or keys I am hitting. Please help!! I really want to enjoy this program.

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answered Apr 16, 2020 by matthewritenburg (17,320 points)
selected Jul 30, 2020 by AlexTinsley
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Since you are on Prime, you should have Presence XT available as an instrument.  Have you inserted Presence XT as an instrument on a channel, loaded one of the Presence XT preset sounds, and then tried triggering sounds with the keyboard? You could also create a one bar clip and draw in some notes to trigger Presence XT.

You are not going to hear any sounds unless a) you have a virtual instrument inserted in a track, or b) you have an external instrument configured (synth, sound module, sampler, etc.) that is being triggered via MIDI.