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Has the latest UC/ FIRMWARE update (Apr 9, 2020 build) caused anyone's Studio 192 to stop working?

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asked Apr 18, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by andrewkimsey (130 points)
I have just installed the latest update UC v. and Firmware DSP v1.8-44 on my Studio 192.  The update appeared to run correctly. However, the interface did not/will not reboot.  The power button is now solid red and the the letter "L" is displayed.   I have had this interface for over 3 years and have not experienced problems running previous updates.

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answered May 1, 2020 by georgepiccolo (140 points)

Good day Andrew,

Seems you and I have encountered the exact same problem as you have described in your ticket. about the Studio 192 interface to Presonus.

I have been in touch several times with the leading techy at Presonus (Butch).

Sent me a list of things to change on my computer,,did them all to the best of my ability,so either

I missed something or something is wrong here.

L message in the Led in front of screen on unit.

Worked great until i downloaded the latest drivers, then nothing at all.

Hoping you might have found a solution by name and if you did, can u please e-mail at Hoping to hear from you soon.


George Piccolo