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Can not update Faderport firmware to 1.45 via latest UC.

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asked Jul 11 in FaderPort Classic by (290 points)
I unplug USB connection : hold down REW,STOP and Record buttons : plug in USB and press OK on computer : get error code nr 0x8004005.

tried 2 diffrent mac with latest OS : same on both computers. cheers M

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answered Jul 11 by gavinsteiner (760 points)
Just to let you know I'm facing the same issue. Windows 10 64bit.
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answered Jul 11 by Ninosachii (140 points)
do you have the faderport classic or the latest one.?? because i'm facing the same issue with my faderport classic
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answered Jul 11 by (290 points)
Its Classic faderport and shows up in latesr UC device list.
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answered Jul 12 by simonscholefield (200 points)

Yes I am getting the same error msg.  Have followed the instructions and tried everything I can think of or have read on forums etc but still get the 0x8004005 error msg.  The current firmware is reading as 1.0 and am attempting to update to 1.45.

Is the Faderport Classic on Windows 10 64bit

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answered Jul 12 by fwubidzk (140 points)
I have the same problem on Windows10 x64.

So I 'm still usuing v1.0.
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answered Jul 12 by emilteiger1 (300 points)
Same here with Faderport classic on osx (tried on several machines).
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answered Jul 12 by pierregauthier (240 points)
Same problem on my side.
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answered Jul 12 by sithlrd73 (140 points)
Same here and now it wont work at all
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answered Jul 12 by rainerpandolfi (150 points)

same error code here  .... Mac HighSierra with Faderport classic ... but not only not to upgrate the Firmware....  also the Faderport do not work anymore .... the old firmware is goen too

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answered Jul 13 by tomtarai (230 points)
I have the same problem here on Windows10 x64. Presonus pls. fix this! Thanx
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answered Jul 13 by (290 points)

I got this answer from Presonus Tech Support :

" Technical SupportYesterday at 19:58

Hello Magnus,

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to assist you.

Please understand that the FaderPort classic cannot be updated on a USB 3.0 connection.

You will need to connect and update your FaderPort on a computer that has USB 2.0 connections.

You have some viable options.

- Find any other computer with USB 2.0 connection and update.


- Use a commonly available powered USB 2.0 hub.  Connect the FaderPort to this and update."

So I have to find some old USB 2 hub or Mac. I have tried to connect vis keyboard USB (2.0) but same error code.....

My Faderport Classic works fine with FW 1.0 so far....

/cheers M

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answered Jul 13 by (290 points)
So I connected via an old USB 2.o hub and voila : sucess : finally upgraded FW to 1.45. So try to use a USB 2.0 native usb or a USB 2.0 hub : that will probably do the trick .

/thanks for all answers and cheers M
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answered Jul 14 by michaelmockley (310 points)
Still not working, USB 2.0 right off the motherboard. unplugged everything except keyboard & mouse. running windows 10 (1803) unfortunately its still buggy.  v1.0 still works.
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answered Jul 14 by simonscholefield (200 points)
yeah I tried through usb 2.0 hub, still getting the same error msg.  Windows 10 64bit.  Will keep going with firmware 1.0.
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answered Jul 16 by (290 points)
Okay so its seems to be a issue with the Faderport Classic firmware update in UC : as I posted before I had success on my Mac OS with an old external USB 2.0 hub : it did the trick for me. But there seems to be problems with Windows 64-bit .I hope Presonus adress this problem in next UC update.....

/cheers M