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Anyone having issues with Ouput's Portal plugin in Studio One 4?

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asked Apr 22 in Studio One 4 by briangilbert1 (170 points)
I have had off and on issues with Output's Portal plugin when I make a mastering file of a song and send it to the Project suite in Studio One 4. Sometimes the track that has an instance of Portal will have no audio after updating the song's master file. Changing buffer size and all of the usual problem fixers do not work so I end up rendering the track.

Then after rendering a guitar track that had Portal on it, even the bounced track had pops and glitches but ONLY after the song's mastering file was updated and in the Project page, NOT in the song page. Very strange indeed. The track was rendered and had no plugins on it and played back fine in Song page but once in the Project page the rendered guitar track had awful pops and clicks. What is happening? Am I the only one?  My PC is fairly potent and capable and has no issues with audio glitching or latency. Can't figure it out.

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answered May 21 by estebandido (150 points)
edited May 21 by estebandido
EDIT: I have solved the problem. Just use the VST3 version of portal, not the VST2. At least that worked for me