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Is anyone else having problems with the 2nd gen AMD threadripper?

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asked Apr 8, 2020 in Studio One 4 by joshraymond (180 points)
edited Apr 8, 2020 by joshraymond
It seems like SO4 is very bad at utilizing this CPU. I'm getting pops and distortion even at maximum block size and dropout protection, without low latency monitoring. When I open up "task manager," It shows that I'm only utilizing 10% of the cpu, and at the same time SO shows that I'm using 90-100%. I'm running Windows 10 on a rog strix x399-e motherboard, 64gb of ram(the correct type of ram for this setup) It's frustrating having all of this processing power and not being able to use it.... Edit: It's the 16 core cpu

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