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Clicks and pops using Only presonus VST's In studio One 4 after upgrade to windows 10

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asked Apr 28, 2020 in Studio One 4 by joelpetschel (170 points)
edited May 6, 2020 by joelpetschel
I recently upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. I had no issues at all on windows 7 but with support ending I thought I should upgrade. However after the upgrade I noticed pops and clicks when running VST's such as presence. the cpu usage sikes at regular intervals in time with the noises,

Some more testing revealed it was not just presence but almost all the stock presonus VST's. Testing other vst's by waves or even superiror drummer work fine and are free of clicks and pops. A complete settings reset. complete uninstall and reinstall. and checking all drivers are up to date including graphics drivers did not yeild any difference. So I downgraded back to windows 7 to check if maybe i had some sort of hardware issue. Once again windows 7 was fine. no noises.

Re-upgraded to windows 10 and the noises are back. Followed all the presonus documentation for optimising your computer for studio one. still no luck. Had a quick search and found some information on the latency mon  program to check latency issues. So I ran it with studio one closed for approx 15 mins. all looked fine. Ran it agin with studio one open on a blank project. again all fine. so i opened presence to test and the noises were gone. So i chalked it up to windows 10 being odd.. Closed down studio one and latency mon and called it a day. When i opened S1 the next day, again blank project with just presence the noises were back happily clicking and popping. Thats when i discovered that the noise would go away as longh as i had latency mon running while using studio one. This seemed the exact opposite of what i should be experiencing. Has anyone had this happen? Can anyone give any guidance?

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answered May 6, 2020 by joelpetschel (170 points)