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ioStation 24c in Reaper and OSX

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in ioStation24c by abdallahharati (130 points)

I'm running ioStation 24c in Reaper, in OSX. I've managed to get it working with native setup (StudioOne) and FaderPort v2, but I lost many important buttons and functionalities for my workflow. I got pretty much the basics only (fader, arm/unarm, solo and mute). Next and Prev also works.

I know PreSonus doesn't support Reaper and everything is done via Reaper UserForum. I've searched a lot and didn't find any solution that makes the ioStation works fully in Reaper in an OSX environment.

MCU setup malfunctions (next / prev jumps everywhere).

Anyone has any suggestions? Many thanks!

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