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Can I loop Guitar with Atom???

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asked May 13 in Atom Pad Controllers by rockylowther (590 points)
Instead of buying a looper pedal, can't I use the Atom to loop my guitar with Studio One?

Like the Akai pad with Live. Or am I missing something?
Thanks for the help.


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answered Jun 15 by aka_busker (10,530 points)
Hi.    There is a VST you can download for free from KVR audio.  It's a plugin called Mobius.  It's a free VST looper with "extensive midi control" (to quote the website).   I downloaded it once and never used it as I have two looper pedals. (I would recommend getting a loop pedal as I haven't had much success with software loopers.)  Well, 3 once you include the one in my multi-fx.  Personally I like to work the other way - use the instruments in S1 and then routing one of my outputs to the looper, loop my atom beats via the pedal.  The advantage of a pedal is you get to send the building of the loop into studio one as you record your performance.  However, I prefer hardware over software for lots of options.