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Clicking noise on my AUDIOBOX USB 96

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asked May 16, 2020 in AudioBox USB by muriloalmeida (120 points)
I hear noises, but must important (and annoying) is a periodic clicking of a frequency close to 374BPM on my AUDIOBOX USB 96 (BLACK) when there are no inputs connected, the mixer is completely to the left (inputs), the channel gain is at three o'clock and the headphones knob is at 11 (max). I only have my headphones and the USB connected.
I've tried to use my laptop off of the battery to verify if it was grounding issues, but had no luck there. Same clicking.

I noticed that if i touch my headphones jack (specially if I also touch the audiobox metal case) the clicking seems to vanish, or at least attenuate to a point that it is almost imperceptible. This makes me think that my setup might be subjected to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Which raises my first question, what do you suggest to mitigate this problem?

The noise/clicking scenario gets much worse when I plug in my bass guitar. When I do it, even if I touch both the headphone jack and the input jack the clicking won't go away. In fact, when I touch both, the white noise or humming reduces considerably, but the clicking won't vanish. Which brings me to my other questions: Is the diagnosis of EMI correct? Am I missing something here? How to proceed?

I'm using Windows 10 on a laptop that only has USB 3.0.

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