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Studio One 3 and Firestudio Project: Input 1 is Good, Input 2 No Signal

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asked Aug 17, 2020 in Studio One 3 by philthy1 (120 points)

Okay guys...
I'm using a Mid 2009 MBP that's running El Cap v10.11.6.
I've got a firewire line coming from a FIRESTUDIO Project going into the Mac.

I've been using Studio One Pro. 3 without issues for about 4 years now.
Today, I tried to run a stereo pair of mic's to a combo amp, fed those into Inputs 1 & 2 of the FIRESTUDIO.

I have a Johnson Millennium Stereo 150 guitar amp combo that has an onboard digital processor, which feeds a stereo power section; which I'd like to record a demo of...

Okay so... I opened a new session...
I created two mono tracks and labeled them accordingly (Track 1 Left Speaker & Track 2 Right Speaker).
The I/O configuration is as follows:

I'm using two phantom-powered dynamic microphones, one for each speaker.
I'm running an XLR from both mics into their respected inputs of the FIRESTUDIO -- the Left mic plugs into line 1, and the Right mic is plugged into line 2 --- the phantom power for inputs 1/2 on the FIRESTUDIO are enabled and their levels set to 3 o'clock.

I have tested both XLR cables, and both work just fine (I've also tested several other cables on both mics - mics & cables are working as they should.

Now, as you can see, I get a good signal thru track 1 (Guitar L), but track 2 (Guitar R) is seeing no input signal whatsoever.
What am I missing here?
I have a feeling that it's within the I/O configuration, as that's the one section that baffles me.

Thanks in advance guys... I would really love to resolve this issue soon, as it's driving me bananas!
~Phil T

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