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Can't Record in Studio One v4.6.2

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asked Jun 26, 2020 in Studio One 4 by sergetourangeau (160 points)
Hello and thank you in advance for your upcoming answers

Just got my Audiobox USB 96 bundle today
Downloaded and installed Studio One v4.6.1 + Universal Controller on my PC ( Windows 10)
Got sound from the M7 Mic and from my Bass in Studio One but can't record .

my PC :
Acer Nitro N5
12 Gb Ram
Window 10 x64

Presonus Audiobox 96 usb + Presonus M7 Microphone

Studio One 4  Artist + Universal Control

Any help will be greatly appreciated


1 Answer

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answered Jun 28, 2020 by sergetourangeau (160 points)
So i have waited 2 days and still no answers.
I'll just leave Studio One for the moment cause Cakewalk run great with my new gear

Thanks Again =)