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PreSouns Sphere Activation Problem

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asked Jul 7 in PreSonus Sphere by parkkaram (350 points)
edited Jul 8 by parkkaram
Hello,I subscribed to Presonus Sphere Today

Problem is Studio one 5 open,

I clicked Activate With Presonus Sphere

Noting Happen

activation Product Windows Show Up and Noting

What can i do?

I Use iMac Pro on macOS Catalina

sorry about bad english...

Edit: splice studio one 5 activation is ok no issues.

Presonus sphere still broken activated

Can i refund sphere subscription?

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answered Jul 8 by dalilmiszczak1 (560 points)
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UPDATE!!! - it is a known issue caused by the server problems PreSonus has right now. It will be fixed soon.....or later :-) Guess we just have to be patient.

Same here - it always says that the connection to the server failed BUT i am online, have no firewalls at all (maybe the macOS one though) and tested it with 3 different internet connections (at work, at home and via my mobile device (tithering)).

Is there something we have to install, check, activate or whatever an macOS Catalina?!
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answered Jul 7 by shanfg-hungwu (240 points)
I have the same problem!!!!!!
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answered Jul 7 by marrianyocum1 (180 points)
Same Here! Some one please help.
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answered Jul 8 by wfxpucee (480 points)

I have a problem where i open S1 5 and can't activate it because it has a splice serial number on it and i can't click on it/remove it  angry

Edit: i fixed it, just had to go to AppData, Local and erase the SpliceSettings Folder!!!

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answered Jul 8 by parkkaram (350 points)
I have Already Uninstall All Splice Files

For example :

Application Support And Hidden Library in Splice Files

But Not Working

I Wasted Time

I Give Up :(
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answered Jul 8 by Damodemoniq (290 points)
"Cannot connect to server" although definitely connected to the net. All firewalls off. Can find no way to interact with support but this. Yep this sucks!!
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answered Jul 9 by brettgo (540 points)

I have exactly the same problem with all software downloaded through Sphere (S1 v5, Notion 6 and Hub).

Can't activate any of them. "failed to connect to Server. Check internet, blah, blah, blah"

nothing wrong my end

So frustrating and why am I paying for stuff I can activate to use???

Sort out asap!!!


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answered Jul 9 by skijumptoes (2,870 points)
The servers are running fine now, if you are having a problem and see "Failed to connect to server. Check Internet" warning that means that the servers cannot be reached, when they were down it was giving an error different to that, and an error number.

So anyone with "Failed to connect", check the following isn't blocking access to PreSonus servers:-

Firewall / Netlimiter style apps


Hosts file ( Mac: /etc/hosts  Win: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts )

90% sure this will fix most peoples Failed to connect messages.
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answered Jul 10 by brettgo (540 points)

edit hosts file

open your hosts file on Mac - finder - go - go to folder - /private/etc/hosts

Open with text edit and make duplicate. Move original to desktop.

Any reference to Presonus on hosts file DELETE!!

Put this duplicate bacl into folder and rename hosts

Open Studio One et voila!! It WILL activate!!

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answered Jul 10 by parkkaram (350 points)
Finally I Fix it

user-shared-library folder delete it

And i can success Activation

Thanks For all Reply everyone