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Studiolive DAW mode not accessible with Studio One 5??

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asked Jul 9 in Studio One 5 by brianhenry1 (440 points)
Trying to set up Daw Mode with StudioLive Series III using Studio One 5.   It appears that someone forgot to add in the software control option of using Studio One.   Other DAWs are listed to accept but NOT Studio One.

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answered Jul 10 by escholsberg (280 points)
edited Jul 10 by escholsberg
Hi there! I experienced the same problem. Normally, if I deactivate VPN on my network, Studio One appears in my UCNET screen on my 32SC console. But since I installed Studio One 5 yesterday, I can’t get DAW mode to work anymore. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks for the help!

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EDIT: It does work! Before, I didn’t have to, but now I had to press the down arrow on the right in the touchscreen, where it says “Software control”, and all the options available suddenly appeared, amongst which Studio One v.5. I could turn the knob, select the right option and it works. So like I expected, I was the problem, not the gear.

Another thing I discovered when I had this same trouble while still working with v4: My Express VPN turned out to be the cause of my 32sc not recognizing Studio One software. I did see the other options displayed however, just like you describe. Also, UC control did function (which is USB driven), but my ethernetconnection only functions when I disable my VPN network. As soon as I turn that off, Studio One appears in my list of options for software control, and daw mode works like a charm.

Hope this helps you out!