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Studiolive Series III must have features that seem to be missing

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asked Jul 3, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by soundguy8 (730 points)

I just received my new studio-live series III and have had a little bit of opportunity to play with it.  That being said there are a few areas that could use improvement.

  1.  Stereo subgroups.  WHY no stereo subgroups?  I know I can link subgroups, but then I am limited to 2 subgroups.  I know you have filter DCA’s, which are great.  I cannot put a compressor on a filter DCA.  I know I can assign a flex mix as a subgroup, but I have to do the hokey pokey and get all turned around just to do basic mixing.  This is a very basic feature that keeps getting overlooked.
  2. Allow the board to be setup in whatever order I want.  I know I am asking a lot here, but this goes back to number 1.  If I want 3 stereo subgroups, I have to assign 2 flex mixes as subgroups.  When I am mixing, I have to flip from my subgroup layer over to my 2nd page of my aux layer.  This is not very streamlined at all.  I should be able to reorder all faders to operate whatever I want.
  3. Allow stereo objects to only need 1 fader.  When I link a channel, I should have an option somewhere that it doesn’t take 2 faders.  This would greatly improve workflow, especially if the previous were also done.
  4. Allow the very bright board to have a real low light mode.  I like that there are setting to adjust the brightness, but even on low, it is crazy bright.  The LED’s that are off should really turn off.  In a dark room, it looks like every channel is muted when they are not.  The color changing buttons are great, but in dark sets, they don’t help our eyes.
  5. Bring back the rotate view on the IPad.  That was such a great feature.  You could even make it better by letting me choose what I see in portrait and landscape.
  6. I would really like to see more effects than just reverb and delay.  It would be awesome if I could install addition effects.  I kind of get the feeling that may be coming in the future.
  7. Allow the awesome pics from the IPad to be viewed on the channels LCD strip.  At first when I saw these, I thought to myself, that’s cute.  I don’t need it, but it is cute.  Then I started using them and wow,  I love the visual reference.

That is just a few items I have found so far.  Things I love so far about this mixer.

  1. Bluetooth support is great.  I don’t know what kind of Bluetooth receiver you are using, but the range and sound quality is surprising. 
  2. The Tube compressor modeling is fantastic.  I just played with this briefly, but really love the sound it has.
  3. Overall I am pleased with the purchase.  I hope these issues can be addressed and make this board even better.

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answered Jul 3, 2017 by AlexTinsley (917,420 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Oct 1, 2017 by noizemkr (230 points)
I agree!

I would like to add one thing I don't see on the board is the mute all on and off. I know I can do it from a connected computer, but as a stand alone mixer would be nice to do it there also!