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Studio One fails to open Akai MPK Mini Mk II at startup when Google Chrome is open

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asked Jul 10 in Studio One 5 by robertsantiago5 (120 points)

I have the Akai MPK Mini MK II keyboard controller. Whenever I have Google Chrome open and I start Studio One (either version 4 or 5) there is a message at startup with a red/white pirate flag that says: "Failed to open MPK Mini Mk II!". After that, the controller does no trigger any sound. If I close Google Chrome and then start Studio One, then everything works as expected (no failure message or pirate flags). Doing some research I found this suspect setting in Chrome: Settings/Privacy and Security/Additional Permissions/Midi Devices with the following two options (toggle):

1. Ask when a site wants to use system exclusive messages to access MIDI devices (recommended) => Enabled by default

2. Do not allow any sites to use system exclusive messages to access MIDI devices => Disabled by default

I tested both options and when Chrome is open, the MPK Mini always fails to open at startup in Studio One.

Has anyone seen this behavior and know how to correct it?



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