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Why are some buses not showing up for sidechaining options

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asked Jul 15, 2020 in Studio One 4 by r_burroughs95 (160 points)
So this problem happens off and on.

When I want to sidechain a bus that I sent some tracks to (like a bus made for all the instruments on a beat), and then try to sidechain it to a plugin like Vocal Rider to help with the vocal levels, that bus sometimes won't show up. Other buses do, but for some reason some different busses will be missing from the list as if it is not an option to sidechain them for some reason.

I make sure that they are all in stereo, they aren't an fx bus, and that the plugin I am using gives me the option to sidechain, but then it still happens.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how can I make sure the busses I use can always be sidechain enabled if a plugin gives me the option to chose a sidechain?

Thanks in advance!

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answered Feb 7, 2021 by alexruimy (930 points)
Same problem, Studio One is hot garbage. Bug ridden, trash-*** unintuitive, TRASH that destroys my workflow. Nothing kills a session like having to open up Chrome and search "Studio One {problem I've never experienced anywhere else before}"
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answered May 11, 2022 by aaronrfitch (200 points)
edited May 11, 2022 by aaronrfitch

I think I finally found the solution to this on my end. I hope it works for everyone else. 
Get a paper and pen to write down what you delete. I had to undo and redo sends and outputs.


How to fix missing sidechain bus in PreSonus Studio One (hopefully)

Try this first: For the track or channel which is missing a bus in the sidechain menu. (not the missing bus)
1) Set the channel output to the master track
2) Delete all sends going from the channel (if no current sends, add one and remove it)

If that doesn't work, do this to the missing bus:
1) Remove sends that are going to the missing bus 
2) Set only one track for the bus input (if no input. make a track, then output it to the missing bus)
3) Set the bus output to your master channel


Can it be prevented?
I think it is a software bug. Why? Because after doing this, the sidechains and busses work normally after putting things back together. 
In case I am right, set everything you need to this time in case it goes missing again. 

Note for PreSonus QA:
I don't have time to double check, but it is possible that I applied the same sidechain bus to the channel previously. Including, the same VST plugin, except I deleted the plugin and added it again; only this time, the bus was missing from the sidechain menu. 

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answered Jun 22, 2022 by selcukberksan (400 points)
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Don't know if you're still having this issue or if this will help, but I came accross this as well while just messing around. I found that if you send channel X to Y as an external sidechain, Y will not be on the sidechain list of X anymore (which is logical). Could be that you accidentally did this as well.